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Unemployment Benefits

Northwest Arkansas Employment Lawyer, Gregory A. Placzek represents employees in unemployment disputes. If you are seeking benefits or preparing for a hearing, please contact us to discuss your situation.

Generally, to be eligible for unemployment you must have been employed for a qualifying length of employment. The amount of benefits may depend on how long you were employed by your last employer and your wages. Even if your employer did not properly report you, unemployment benefits could still be available.

In order to obtain benefits in Arkansas, you are required to file a claim with the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services. If you are denied benefits, you may appeal the decision to the Arkansas Department of Labor Appeals Tribunal. Generally, you have twenty (20) calendar days to appeal from the date the Department mailed you the notice that you were denied benefits. It is important to note that an employer can also appeal this initial decision. If either party appeals this initial decision, a hearing (often via telephone) is then set before a hearing officer to determine if you are entitled to benefits. An attorney can represent you at this hearing and help you to present evidence of why you should be entitled to unemployment benefits. After the hearing, a decision is mailed that outlines further rights if you are still denied benefits. Contact a Northwest Arkansas employment attorney if you need help fighting for your unemployment benefits.