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Wrongful Termination

Northwest Arkansas Employment lawyer, Gregory A. Placzek represents Arkansas employees in wrongful termination actions. Please Contact Northwest Arkansas employment attorney, Placzek Law Firm, PLLC if you have a claim for wrongful termination against your employer.

Wrongful Termination in Arkansas

Arkansas, like the majority of state follows the employment at-will doctrine. This means that generally, an employer in Arkansas can fire an employee for almost any reason. However, there are many exceptions to this employment at-will doctrine. Contacting a Northwest Arkansas employment lawyer can help you determine if your termination violated a law, statue, policy or regulation.


The most straight forward instance of wrongful termination is based on an employment contract. If you believe your termination was in breach of your employment contract, a Northwest Arkansas employment attorney can explain your remedies. High-level sales employees, physicians, executives, and numerous other categories of employees often have contractual rights that extend beyond the employment at-will doctrine. These employment contracts often specifically spell out when and why a termination can occur.


Another type of illegal or wrongful termination is when an employee is discharged because of Age Discrimination, Race Discrimination, National Origin Discrimination, Religion Discrimination, Sex Discrimination, Disability Discrimination, or Pregnancy Discrimination. Contacting a Northwest Arkansas employment lawyer can help you determine if your termination was wrongful and illegal because of discrimination.


Employers also wrongfully and illegally terminate an employee if they had a legally recognizable workplace complaint. These workplace complaints are often referred to as a protected activity. There are many instances in which your complaint can be deemed a legally protected activity. Reporting workplace safety issues is a common type of activity that is protected. Complaints, opposition, or reports of unlawful employment discrimination in the workplace is also generally protected. Northwest Arkansas serves many different industries and whistle-blower complaints are often considered to be protected activity. Contacting a Northwest Arkansas employment attorney can help you determine if your retaliatory discharge is an exception to the employment at-will doctrine and what remedies are available.


Depending on your employer, there are also numerous exceptions to the employment at-will doctrine. For example, government employees often are entitled to grievance hearings. Many private sector employers also allow employees an opportunity to dispute the reason for discharge. A Northwest Arkansas employment lawyer can help you in internal hearings regarding your termination to advocate for your reinstatement or monetary damages.